Thursday, July 23, 2009

07/23/09 Homer to Soldotna

Alex having fun learning to fishing at Inge's cabin in Soldotna, AK. Soup taught Alex how to fish and what to do. He even showed us how to catch a fish by bringing one in the first night.

Got up early again (that means 10:00am!) in Homer and started a fire. It’s raining a little, windy and cold. We hung around for a while enjoying the view. Finally took showers, packed up and left for Soldotna. We drove up the big hill going out of Homer and stopped at the top for breakfast.

Had a lot of time before we would meet Char and family so we drove through Kenai. Stopped at a visitor center and bought some presents for Jane and Sarah.

Met Char and family and drove a long way back on Sterling Highway to Inge’s cabin. Really nice place, right on Kenai River. What a place, boat dock and a bunch of fishing places.

Checkout the pictures:

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