Wednesday, July 22, 2009

07/22/09 Seward to Homer

This is Alex talking to mom while we watch the eagles fly in Homer. A few times they flew within 30' of us as they buzzed the RV campers.

In Seward it rained all night again, it still cold and it’s still windy. What a miserable few days. Even though the weather was awful we had a good time watching movies, playing cards and every so often venturing out into the Seward wild unknown.

Broke camp with the RV and headed for Homer. On the way we took a detour and stopped at Exit Glacier. We went on a 5mi round trip hike to see the glacier. It was raining harder, colder and even more windy up there. The glacier sure had retreated a lot. It was interesting to see how far back it had gone over the years. Last time I was here it was with Sarah in 2000.

We stopped at a wood carving place on Sterling Highway (I found out later that it wasn't too far from Inge’s cabin). Had a nice chat with the lady who runs it.

Went though Soldotna and down to Homer. Found an RV site and set up camp. Made a fire and was just vegging out when we noticed the tide was going out. It left huge sandy beaches that you could walk on. So Alex and I went collecting sea shells. He went a lot further than I did and he got quite a collection. But then the sea began coming back in. The water moved really fast.

Enjoyed the quiet evening. Had a call from one of my shooter friends asking me if we were eating yet. Ha! He had no idea I was sitting on the beach in Homer, Alaska.

Checkout the pictures:

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