Tuesday, July 21, 2009

07/21/09 Seward, AK

Did I mention it was raining, cold and windy? It never stopped. We had reservations to go on a cruise at noon. We walked down to the Kenai Fjord Tour office and I cancelled our trip. It would have been great seeing the animals, birds, whales and all the other creatures but it was really nasty outside. Later on in the day we overheard someone say that their fishing trip was cancelled because there were 14’ swells and a 40mph wind just outside the bay. We think we made the right decision.

We walked around Seward, again, bought presents and ate dinner. Then I showed Alex how to play blackjack. Oh boy, he sure ate this up. I think he cleaned my clock again. It was still raining, it was still cold and it was still windy when we headed out for diner at Apollos.

Checkout the pictures:

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