Monday, July 20, 2009

07/20/09 Anchorage to Seward

Alex and I left Anchorage at the crack of dawn again – yes, 10:00am! After breakfast at Fred Meyers (Starbuck’s) we drove to Seward. It was raining, it was cold and it was windy all the way down there. We got to our RV site and decided to walk 1mi to SeaLife. We went through it and saw a lot of exhibits.

We then decided to walk back to the RV and then on to Kenai Fjords Tour office on the boat dock (~2mi). You should see all the boats, hundreds and hundreds of every kind of fishing boats imaginable. Did I mention that it was raining, cold and windy? We then walked back to the RV got warmer clothes and walked to SeaLife again. We saw some insulated rain jacks for $32 so each bought one.

We ended up eating at Apollos and then walking back to the RV. We played poker and Alex cleaned my clock.

Yesterday both gas and propane in Anchorage for 'New' RV - 20.9g Diesel, 6g propane

Checkout the pictures:

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