Friday, July 24, 2009

07/24/09 Soldotna, AK (Inge’s Cabin)

Alex caught his first Salmon. In fact, just to show it wasn’t luck, he even caught another one. He brought one more back but it was so small (<15”) we made him throw it back.

I learned an important fishing lesson. Before anyone got up and around I went down and began fishing. I didn’t bring the net or the stringers with me. I had a big fish hooked and was playing with him while hollering for someone to get me the net and stuff so I could bring him in. He finally wiggled free before I could get him on land for some much deserved Shore Leave! Rats…

Soup caught his limit of three. Joe and I each ended the day by catching one. Alex was so excited, he’s now a fishing maniac! We ate one of his for dinner. Eight of us could only eat about ¾ of this fish! It was huge, good and tasty. Nothing like eating your own fish just caught. Can’t get a fresher meal. Soup did the cleaning and cooking, Char did the marinade.

Check out the pictures:

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