Monday, August 10, 2009

08/10/09 Colby, KS (I-70 Rest Area) to Baldwin City, KS

Let Sarah drive for quit a while, I think she likes the RV. Not really, she likes her car a whole lot more. Just your normal boring Kansas drive - flat, straight and flat. Did I mention it was flat?

The Boys are back in Town! We made it back - 5 weeks, 8k miles and we made it back around 1:00pm this afternoon. We began early because I couldn't sleep, too many cars rolling into the rest area. We ate breakfast in Hays, KS. Alex stayed in bed, he said he didn't feel too well but I know he doesn't do 'early' very well. It was way before 10:00am!

I'm bushed.

Checkout the pictures:

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