Sunday, August 9, 2009

08/09/09 Estes Park, CO to Colby, KS (I-70 Rest Area)

Went shopping in downtown Estes Park, CO. What a nice day, great weather. We're up at 7,500ft and I think I got a little altitude sickness. I went back to the RV and slept it off, felt real good after a few hours.

Tried to make it up Highway 7 to the Long's Peak trailhead. The RV was smoking so much I decided to turn around. This is our only way back to Baldwin so I just couldn't see pushing it too hard. It's been running so good and has been very dependable.

Traded driving with Sarah, I think she's getting the hang of this thing. We drove until midnight or so. We stopped at a Rest area 30mi or so from Colby, KS.

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