Tuesday, August 4, 2009

08/04/09 Watson Lake, BC (plus about 80mi) to Somewhere

Let's redefine what I meant about the road conditions. They're still bad all the way to Ft Nelson, BC. Very challenging for the driver, today it was all driving around the mountains (I do mean AROUND the mountains), up and down hills, gravel turns and an average speed of about 45mph. At least I think I'm done with the worst of it.

When we drove north on the Alaskan highway we were on the mountain side of the highway, coming back south, we're on the cliff, gully, or water side of the highway. No room for any mistakes. About the time you'd say "Ooops", it would be way too late to do anything about it.

Alex and I have running noses, head congestion and coughing. It is because of all the fires up here. There is smoke everywhere. You always smell a wood fire burning. Sometimes on the highway it is very heavy. We went through two areas today where there were warnings about active fires.

The animals are on the move too. We saw one deer, wild horses, a few moose and a herd of buffalo. I had to stop on a bridge because one of these mangy beasts was wondering across it towards me. I got pictures and video to prove it too! At one point we saw about 25 head of buffalo.

Stopped at a really pretty spot on Mounch Lake. Took lots of pictures.

We finally got back to civilization - we're in a campground anyhow. After three days of stopping in the boonies we need showers, laundry, cooked meals (you can't live off of popcorn!), re-charge the RV batteries and we just dumped the grey and black water.

We just watched one of my Sherlock Holmes DVDs so it off to bed.


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