Monday, August 3, 2009

08/03/09 Haines Junction, Yukon (short by ~10mi) to Watson Lake, BC (plus about 80mi)

Click on this picture, you'll see the road conditions, notice the red flags.

Alex slept until I got to Whitehorse. Breakfast and lunch kind of smash together when you get up late. The roads got better after Whitehorse. Between Delta Junction and Whitehorse the roads were not maintained very well.

Went by Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake. You'll see the pictures....

Saw four buffalo just before we pulled over for the night. They weren't more than 6’ away from us, got some great pictures.

We’re making good time and are ahead of schedule. I told Jane to meet us in Billings on Fri. They told us they bought a new car. They now have spent more money that we did on vacation – we will have to do better!

Check out the pictures:

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