Wednesday, July 29, 2009

07/29/09 Anchorage to Denali (Talkeetna)

Okay, okay, so I'm going native. I haven't shaved since leaving Baldwin.

Began by rushing out of Anchorage promptly around 12:30pm, ha! We got up and Char took us to Village Inn for breakfast. I think she was trying to impress us by showing how civilized Anchorage can be.

I tried to send my firearms by UPS to me personally just like I did when I came up here but the Anchorage UPS office would not let me do that. I had to use Bill's FFL and send it down to him. What a crock! I even showed her the website printout of their own rules and she wouldn't believe me. One of my guns is prohibited by those hillbillies in Canada so I HAD to ship them to the lower 48.

While driving around up here Alex and I noticed that almost everyone drives off-road vehicles on the main roads. That should tell you something about how much snow they have and the terrible driving conditions. All the way up here there is a 4' wide trail running along side the highway. It's for snow machines and four runners. We see all kinds of kids driving four runners and dirt bkies up here, they use them to get around in all the towns and villages.

Speaking of villages, we stopped in Talkeetna. It's a really nice quaint little town with lots of little shops. People were real friendly and it was a nice place for a snooze (I needed it badly). They have a really cool park in the center of town where everyone hangs out.

We're in a great RV park in Denali (Rainbow RV), has all the services - like water and electricity! Hey, what do you expect - we're RVing? I tried to give Alex nightmares by watching Terminator on my computer. It didn't work. We watched Watchman with Char & Soup in their RV at the cabin (Joe & Inge watched for a little bit, until they couldn't stand it anymore). When we got back to the RV Alex said that was the stupidest, dumbest movie he'd ever seen. I agreed.

Time to sleep, got to plan for tomorrow's adventures.

Check out the pictures:

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