Thursday, July 16, 2009

07/16/09 Flattop Mountain

Today we climbed Flattop Mountain. This was the first mountain I climbed back in the 1980s and it is now Alex's first. He even wore his Boy Scout t-shirt so he might get some credit for the climb. Flattop is the most climbed mountain in Alaska and is 3,550ft (the last 300ft is very treacherous). Rocks straight up and maybe more importantly, straight down. It was a major gruelling hike up to the top and I don't think he even gave one thought about quitting. Very determined, especially after we got up a ways. Really pretty views of Anchorage, the ocean, other mountains and the surrounding area. We even saw a black bear eating berries a few hundred feet below us.

This is the third time I've climbed it.

Ate a great meal at a Japanese steak house. We needed it really bad.

Take a look at the pictures:

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