Wednesday, July 15, 2009

07/15/09 Anchorage

Getting the Winnebago Minnie-Winnie ready for the road in a few days. Went to Wal-Mart and Lowe's for supplies and parts. Spent a lot of money on creature comforts for the Alcan rode back home. That's going to be a long drive (again!).

We had to take Soup to the airport, he was flying standby on a corporate (Nabors) flight. So we took the RV for a drive. Got diesel ($3.45) and propane ($3.35). Went by where Joe and my mom lived.They're tearing up Old Seward Highway. Bad road for an RV, but we made it. The neighborhood sure looks different - all over grown and a lot more houses.

Against my better judgement I joined the AARP. That really just frustrated the heck out of me, it's such a liberal, gun-hating, whining organization. But, since I'm travelling and need the discounts, the $16 didn't seem so bad. I've put it off for years, well now I can be a real rebel and make all kinds of wild and crazy comments to those morons.

Soup didn't make his flight and I had noticed a water leak in the RV so Soup did most of the work fixing it. Soup's handy to have around, knows his mechanical stuff.

Joe and Inge stopped by. They were pretty amazed at the travelling hotel. I think Joe got a little tired of all the commotion - Alex & Joccy where riding bikes and Natilie was just playing around. These kids are really well behaved.

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