Monday, July 6, 2009

07/06/09 The Alaska Adventures Begin

So anyhow, once upon a time a long, long, long time ago......

In 2009, Alex and I (Craig) had an Alaskan vacation trip planned for sometime in July. After talking with my sister (Char) during our Disney World vacation, she mentioned that they were going to sell the 1983 Winnebago Minnie-Winnie that they bought from our stepdad Joe. So, wouldn't it be great if we came up and drove it back? The deal fell apart with the Alaskan dealer so they looked at the Olathe KS Ford RV dealer - and found the RV they wanted.

Alex, Jane and I drove this great big school bus of an RV (it's 35ft long). What a great house. Based on our drive and their research they decided to buy it. So Alex and I will drive the new RV up to Alaska (meeting Soup in Billings, MT) and drive the Minnie-Winnie back. We plan on spending at least two weeks in Alaska site seeing.

The bank screwed up and sent the check in the US Mail not overnight. We can't pick up the RV, pack or get it set-up until they get that check. This is really messing with our plans.

So here we sit, waiting.... Guess what, just got the call - they got the check! We brought it home.

Check out the pictures:

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