Tuesday, July 7, 2009

07/07/09 Baldwin, KS to Limon, CO

We didn't get started until 10:00am (it's a big job provisioning an RV for a month in one night!) and got to Limon, CO around 8:00pm. We took a lot of breaks, filled up with gas (half full costs $110 and used 50gal!) and generally had a relaxing drive.

I bet we saw about a 100 big RVs just like this one along the way. Amazing so many people can afford these things. Driving this thing is like being the pilot on a C-130 - it's huge! Boy this is sure travelling in class.

I bought a membership to KOA for $24 because we get a 10% discount and can make reservations along the way. In Limon, CO the site costs $36 and I sure am glad I read the fine print. Their water pressure is 95psi, most tanks can only handle 45psi. I bought a 45psi regulator for $12 so we didn't find out what a 75gal water balloon looks like!

Check out the pictures:

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