Thursday, August 6, 2009

08/06/09 Edmonton, Alberta to USA +30Mi

Nicer roads, I can't believe it. Still two lane highway but at least no gravel, frost heaves or roller-coaster rides.

Went through the US/Can border about midnight. The female officer asked me for my permission slip to bring Alex back to the US and for my shotgun papers. No problems, she asked how much ammo I had. I get the distinct impression that these border people think everyone is importing scads of high power ammo into and out of the US. The news media has done a superb job of scaring the daylights our of everyone regarding firearms. It's long, it's black it uses mountains of ammo - it must be bad. After she asked me a few questions she asked Alex some of the same ones to see if I was lying - he kept his cool. All she asked about was shotgun ammo, whew!

Went to another area where they X-Ray'd the RV. That officer was real nice, told me of a rest area a few miles within the US.

I'm truly glad to be back in the US.

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