Friday, July 31, 2009

07/31/09 Denali - Rafting

Got up early again - around 10:00. We had a 2hr rafting trip planned for 12:30 so no sense wasting good sleep time, eh? We ate a hardy breakfast at the Salmon Bake.

What a ride in the Nenana River. They put us in full body wetsuits with rubber booties. We had to wear two pairs of socks and anything else we had to keep warm. Man that water was cold, they said it was 36 degrees and I believe them. Alex and I were up front with another guy and his 11yr old son. They were from St. Louis. The two boys got the brunt of the water as we hit some pretty big swells. Lucky we had those wetsuits, water was gushing all over us many times. My fingers were frozen.

As soon as we got out Alex and I went to the showers in our RV park (about 50 feet away) and decided to stay another night. We had a great meal at King Salmon across the road from our RV park.

Checkout the pictures:

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