Monday, July 13, 2009

07/09/09 Bar Nunn, WY to Billings, MT

We're in the remote wilderness. There is no wireless Internet service. Most of the time there is no cellular phone service either. Besides we don't get the RV set up and get diner going until midnight or so. So, I haven't been able to update the blog every night.

Left at our usual 10:00am and took our time going to Billings. Stopped at Fort Phil Kearney (Banner, WY). This is where the second worst battle with the Indians occurred. US lost all of its solders to 8,000 Indians. Bought a raffle ticket for a custom Yellow Boy 44-40 lever action rifle – sweet.

Alex counts 90+ Elk just to keep himself busy.

In Billings, Alex & I had a great meal at the Montana Rib & Chop House, mmmm. Went to Wal-Mart to re-supply. Got a spot at the KOA and went to airport to pick-up Soup. Airport is on a bluff and there was lots of construction. Dirt roads, you should have seen me maneuvering this big rig through it all – no cone fatalities this time!

When we came back to camp someone had our spot so we parked next to them lucky for them.

Casper, WY I-25N to Buffalo (picked up I-90N), Sheridan, Crow Indian Reservation, Hardin, Billings
Casper KOA $31.10
Gas - 57ga $150 & 27gal $70

Check out the pictures:

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